Cambridge english language teaching to adults

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It certainly beats telling fearless fencers “the formula to good footwork is v t = D, where velocity multiplied by time equals distance.” So, how does that help in motivating students who are already good in the language?I’d tell them that they are good, but their English probably isn’t perfect.Imagine the possibility of talking to people from all over the world in ONE language – English.If you feel that your English is weak and you are reading this article for some guidance, you should remember that you are already making headway.Decades later, his lyrics continue to influence and inspire me and the way I teach.I have often relied on the ‘imagery’ of my students speaking confidently (and hopefully fluently too) to native speakers just like they do in their first language.Before you read on, let me first qualify that by saying that I have had the privilege to tutor and teach students who excel in the language as well as those whose only opportunity to use English is when they are in my class.Motivating students already fluent in the language is easy; it’s sustaining the motivation that is tough.

Your strikes may be cutting and stabbing but your display of swordsmanship isn’t elegant.” I was visibly humbled again by the imagery of elegantly suited knights and musketeers in riposte and my motivation to learn renewed with valour.Right now, your problems are probably more generic, such as mistakes in pronunciation, vocabulary as well as grammar problems with the present perfect tense and conditional structures.The most effective way to boost your motivation is to use English as often as you can. It is simply very enjoyable to use your English to read a good book, understand a song, watch an interesting movie, get an answer to a computer problem, exchange emails with a native speaker, etc.If you choose the second option, and start a conversation on the “boring” subject, you will begin to look at it in a totally different way.Suddenly it will become a subject worth talking about — therefore, an interesting subject. Find a friend who is learning English and is on a similar level of skill. Ideally, he/she should live near you, or go to the same school or language centre as you.

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