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Lower Risk As has been explained in detail already, the cloud is available in a pay-as-you-go model. So why throw any of it away on VPS or shared server solutions?That means that your initial investment is low and the business risk is in the hands of the cloud vendor rather than you. Since the cloud gives you the option of paying only for the amount of space you know that you need, you’ll never get stuck paying too much. The cloud, however, lets you scale down when necessary, saving you money.That’s not an issue with the cloud, because it scales up and down with you at a moment’s notice. Shared and VPS solutions usually give you packages to choose from, but they don’t allow you to pick and choose you want to. With the cloud you can adjust all sorts of different attributes of your instance’s space, upload and download times, applications and so much more.Don’t get the server someone wants to sell you; get the cloud and you’ll get the server you want to have.

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Access Anywhere Almost no one does all of their business work from a single desktop in their office these days.

Not so with the cloud, which only makes you use that space that you truly have to have, thus decreasing your carbon footprint.

That’s a little something both you and your customers can feel good about.

Performance Cloud solutions rely on distributed architectures that are able to offer excellent computational speeds.

The provider will ensure that your data storage and access services are kept on the cutting edge of technology.

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