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I am a true sub bottom, and i'll suck cock swallow his load and ask for seconds...i need hot white guys to lick and suck just recently got into older guys to find two guys to fuck and suck each other for me ...please im begging for this ....i enjoy bi gay crossdressing and so forth What can I add here? Is it just me here that's it seems to be that all the fun guys are too far away?

:)I think your at the time of ur life where you don't care what other people think about you I got curious around 40 it jus seems easier to find a cock to suck than a pussy to satisfy ur needs it would be nice to find a cute cock and a sweet pussy to suck and fuck.

Hi Everyone, Is there a chance that any of you guys in Gainsville Fla with big cocks(8"or better)can cum bang my ass and mouth for lets say 4 or 5 hours?

We are older here, We all have nice cocks and asses, and we all are open to sucking cocks and maybe fucking each other. And when you do find local fun guy with possibilities of meeting, they won't?

I'm far away from all of you previous posters, but I would just suck all of you off and part my cheeks for a good time with like minded men!

I am 26 in elkhart and looking for guys to play with and have fun, will also suck u off if u have a gf or wana play that way i am open to many ideas, into jocks and younger guys i love to suck cock and make u smile, i like to rimm and fuck as well.....i am 5'6 145 smooth tan blondish and deep up guys Bi male 58 years old, 5' 8", 195 lbs, live in Hamilton, Ont, Canada, Wife has not been interested in sex for about 15 years, thats when I started to suck cock..

I love eat pussy and to suck cock and swallow a good load.

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I've practiced eating my precum and I love the taste.

I am submissive and would love to be ordered to suck cock and take it in my ass. Then I started wondering what it would be like to suck a mans cock.

So I went to the local book store and waited for awhile then when the time was right I got my chance to suck my first cock, I loved having a long hard cock in my mouth.

She invites them over and they bring a girl with them.

When they enter the bedroom we are all eating each other.

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