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When the details of the quadruple lynching became known the entire town was in a furor of excitement and for a time it was believed that violence to other persons would be done, so frenzied had the crowd become, however the work of the lynchers had been so thorough and so systematic and so little fuss had been made that there was little left to do but to notify the relatives of the victims to come and get the bodies.At three o'clock this morning the guards at the jail, Deputy Sheriffs Walter Goyne and Bud Nestor, were surprised and overpowered by the advance agents of the mob numbering between 150 and 200 determined men.The deputies under guard were warned not to make an outcry or to stick their heads out of the window for thirty minutes, or they would be instantly shot.Shortly before the mob appeared at the jail other members visited the electric light plant and forced the employees on duty to cut all wires controlling street light service in the city so that their work might be done without fear of detection or interruption.Shortly after dusk last night, the guards at the jail saw two men go through the old stable and look around, supposedly for a good place in which to hang the men. She said that Miller's body would be prepared for burial in Ada and it would be shipped to Fort Worth.The examining trial of Miller was held Friday and he was bound over without bail. She made arrangements with the First National Bank in Fort Worth to have Oklahoma State Bank in Ada pay the expenses for preparing the body for burial.Online sexdating is voor veel mensen nog nieuw en daarom is het extra spannend om hier een sexdate te maken. Van iedere deelnemer weet je van te voren dat het hem of haar alleen om seks is te doen en niet om een relatie.Een sexdate, genieten van elkaar en je sexfantasie uit laten komen, dat is het doel van online sexdating.

West was the only one of the quartette to offer any resistance and he put up a desperate fight when he learned what the mob was after.

It is said also that West killed a man named Picket in Duncan about ten years ago and was acquitted.

It seems that Pickett had before that time killed a brother of West.

John Williamson who was arrested in connection with the killing of A. Bobbitt on the 27th of February has been released on a ,500 bond.

Oscar Peeler who lives on the Mc Lain farm west of Ardmore is in jail charged with complicity in the affair. John Williamson, a man about 24 years, living at Francis is the person who turned state's evidence.

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