Dating manifesto rules of dating and texting

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The Great Sword of State and the Cap of Maintenance, symbols of the Sovereign's power and authority, will still be carried before the monarch, but will be joined by the Imperial state crown.Inside Parliament, Black Rod, the House of Lords official, will summon the House of Commons to the Lords after the Queen has taken her seat in the chamber.

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Although the Queen reads the Speech, the content is entirely drawn up by the Government and approved by the cabinet.

But as he approaches the Commons, the door of the Chamber will be slammed in his face to demonstrate the supremacy of the Lower House over the Lords.

He knocks three times with his Black Rod, from which he derives his name, and is finally admitted.

But Tory sources said Mrs May would still put forward a ‘strong domestic agenda’, including plans to curb rip-off energy bills, measures to tackle extremism, laws on toughening up on domestic violence and putting an end to bogus whiplash claims that could save the average motorist £35 a year.

The Government is also set to pledge action to tackle the crisis in social care.

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