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Completionists will want to rescue every fellow Mudokon along the way, which will involve seeking out secret areas and completing optional puzzles. Oddysee was a tough game, so we've tried to make New 'n' Tasty playable by a wider range of gamers.

We've done this by introducing difficulty levels, and whilst we'd recommend that most players opt for Normal on their first run, seasoned Oddworld fans would be most familiar with Hard, where bullets, teeth and steel are at their deadliest.

Up is "Hello", Right is "Follow Me", Down is "Wait" and - from Exoddus - Left is "All O'Ya" which makes speaking to more than one Mudokon much easier. Although there're options on the Pause menu to do this (just tap the OPTION button) if you press the Dual Shock 4 Touchpad in for a second it'll Quick Save, and if you hold it in for 2 seconds it'll load your last Quick Save. Cross Save will be enabled when the Play Station 3 and PS Vita versions launch, via an update to the Play Station 4 version. It does - players will be able to face off against friends and the rest of the world via a series of overall and per-level PSN leaderboards.

It was also a time of religious (and anti-religious) innovation, as Christians sought to reposition their faith along rational lines and deists and materialists argued that the universe seemed to determine its own course without God’s intervention.

As a result of the new scrolling levels, some of the level design and puzzles from Oddysee have been reworked. What other changes have you made to how Abe controls?

And as enemy AI is now much richer and more emergent, the game feels more alive. On Play Station 4 the game runs at a native 1080p resolution. Yes, everything in New 'n' Tasty has been redone from scratch, including the in-game cut-scenes, some of which have been re-directed. We now allow for a fully analog throwing system, via the right stick (which also pans the camera a little to assist aiming).

The Enlightenment produced numerous books, essays, inventions, scientific discoveries, laws, wars and revolutions.

The American and French Revolutions were directly inspired by Enlightenment ideals and respectively marked the peak of its influence and the beginning of its decline.

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