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) was a 2006 Malaysian TV series spun off from the 2005 film of the same title by Bernard Chauly, continuing upon the affairs of the all-female futsal team "Bukan Team Biasa" (Malay: "Not an Ordinary Team").

Its first season was first aired from 4 June till 27 August 2006 on 8TV and while its second and final season ran from 8 July to 30 September 2007.

Zie reunited with her childhood friend, Ikan, after years without seeing each other.

J fought herself into accepting her mother's marriage arrangements, wanting to express her true feeling to her mother.

Meanwhile, Putri pursues Eddy who was on the way to Australia.

At the same time Haikal fell into a bet with his friends who dared each him to take pictures of Shasha naked.

Ayu plots to get her hands on Reza through a class assignment, with the wish to have him fall for her albeit knowing Reza being with Putri.

Soon, Reza found himself spending less time with Putri, perhaps due to the workload in their hands.

But, unexpectedly Putri finds herself teaming up with her old rival Shasha and her teammates Zie, Sarah, J, Dayang and Ling.

This is where Putri realises that when a bunch of girls unite, they can outdo just anything in their lives.

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