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If you don’t, they have a right to contest the will because you haven't made adequate provision for them.Cutting a close family member from your will is extremely difficult to do, if they choose to challenge it.Writing a will doesn’t give you the freedom to do what you want.Otago University law professor Nicola Peart says if you overstep your legal rights, the will can be challenged. Adequate provision The Family Protection Act says you have a moral duty to provide for close family members in your will.There can be advantages in naming a legal expert as an executor because they can deal with legal matters.

This doesn’t mean the will can’t be challenged: disgruntled relatives can still pop out of the woodwork to dispute your last wishes.Where there’s no will, your estate will be divided up by the Administration Act: Less than 5 percent of us die intestate.But we're often sluggish about putting pen to paper, fearing the lawyer's bills that may result. The expensive bit is the will's administration after your death: these costs come out of your estate and vary depending on who administers the will.But using a professional should help to ensure the will is legally valid.Some law firms may also prepare a will for free if you're doing other business with them.

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