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At that time I wasn’t sure and my musings were fragmented then, not knowing any reference points for my thoughts or how to possibly bring it up and search for information, I put the notions aside and, again, they were nothing crisis-worthy.I remember having begun dreaming of myself as a boy from around this time period as well.

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Still, since the main parts is about gender identity, the text is not normally read this way.*) So what does transgender really mean?I think it’s no coincidence that I began self-harming around the same time, although I am still not entirely sure why I started.I didn’t realize that what I was doing wasn’t as simple as getting out boredom or frustration until someone asked me “what was the matter” with my arms.These include transsexual; transvestite or cross-dresser; genderqueer; androgyne; and bigender." The inclusion of crossdressers alone is enough to undermine the first definition given above, given that many crossdressers identify with their birth sex.(Please note that other parts of the Wikipedia article allows for the inclusion of those who are transgender not because their gender idendity is at stake, but because they like to express themselves in way that are in violation of expected gender behavior.

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