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An estimated 11 percent of respondents said that they observed Lent or other fasts.

Only 4 percent of respondents stated that they took communion more than once or twice a year (in the Orthodox tradition, taking communion requires personal preparation by fasting, confession, and prayer).

There are some 16 to 20 million Muslims, constituting approximately 14 percent of the population and forming the largest religious minority.

Muslims live predominantly in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, the northern Caucasus, and the Volga region.

According to the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), there were 21,448 registered religious organizations as of January 1.

Popular attitudes toward traditionally Muslim ethnic groups are negative in many regions, and there are manifestations of anti-Semitism as well as societal hostility toward Catholics and newer, non-Orthodox, religions.

Instances of religiously motivated violence continue, although it often is difficult to determine whether xenophobia, religion, or ethnic prejudices were the primary motivation behind violent attacks.

There are no reliable statistics that break down the population by denomination.

Available information suggests that slightly more than half of the inhabitants consider themselves Russian Orthodox Christians, although the vast majority of those are not regular churchgoers.

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