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Later the name of the site was changed to TASVideos.As of January 2014, TASVideos is the largest English-language web community that produces and hosts tool-assisted speedruns; the site holds 2512 complete speedruns, of which 1319 are the fastest of their kind.Tool-assisted speedruns uploaded to video sites like Nico Nico Douga, You Tube or TASVideos may be described as a new world record by TAS-san, who is said to have the superhuman memory and reflexes needed to execute such a speedrun in real time.Creating a tool-assisted speedrun is the process of finding the optimal set of inputs to fulfill a given criterion — usually completing a game as fast as possible.In theory, this process could find the ideal set of inputs for any game, but since the space of all possible inputs grows exponentially with the length of the sequence, this is only viable for optimizing very small portions of the speed run. Although such approach does not warrant a perfect solution, it can prove very effective for solving simple puzzle games.Another rarely used technique is disassembling the game executable.

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TAS), has become popular among Japanese Internet users.The video, however, gave the inspiration to Joel "Bisqwit" Yliluoma to start a website called NESvideos, which was dedicated to tool-assisted speedruns for the NES.At first it hosted videos only for the NES, but as the community grew, members of the community managed to add the features required for tool-assisted speedrunning into emulators for other systems.Tool-assisted speedruns often feature gameplay that would otherwise be impossible or prohibitively difficult to perform in real time.Producers of tool-assisted speedruns do not compete with "unassisted" speedrunners of video games; on the contrary, collaborative efforts between the two groups often take place.

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