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Cupid’s here to help you find the positives in a failed relationship: 1.You’ll realize there was a reason you broke-up in the first place: During a break-up, your emotions may have been getting in the way of your logical thinking.Ali Fedotowsky: Gosh, well my life has changed a ton! but really, everything is about [my daughter] Molly. She’s still not sleeping through the night, she’ll wake up three to five times a night, which is hard. FORMER 'BACHELORETTE' ALI FEDOTOWSKY: '95 PERCENT' OF 'BACH' STARS HAVE SEX Molly's face when I told her a human-sized bunny is going to bring her a basket full of goodies this Easter 😳😂 Ha! I've teamed up with @Incredible Egg to create an Easter guide on my blog on how to create beautifully decorated eggs and I'm sharing some yummy family brunch recipes! Ali (link in bio) #Easter #Egg Decorating #Egg Art #Glitter Eggs #Brown Egg Decorating #Egg Tattoos #Polka Dot Eggs #Babys First Easter #Some Bunny Loves Me #Ali Luvs #Incredible Edible Egg #Sponsored A post shared by Ali Fedotowsky-Manno (@alifedotowsky) on Fox News: When did you realize that your husband was The One? I mean, as soon as we started dating, everything was easy. I'm a newlywed and nauseatingly mushy about my new husband! @Kevin Manno is pretty awesome 😉And I wish I could wear this @alvinavalenta dress from @jlmboutique everyday!I also wrote about family traditions we want to start with Molly. Life is hard, but if you’re with the right person, it just becomes a little easier. With Kevin [Manno], I would never question what he’s doing. We know so much about Nick’s sex life, which I think is so weird. And I think I really came to appreciate and love that.But I do think some of the girls felt they needed to play up the sex thing… So when I went to ‘The Bachelor,’ I came with that mentality of, ‘I don’t really feel comfortable in a bikini and I don’t look like this girl who’s a size 2, but I’m smart and can hold a conversation.’ That’s what carried me through.However, that hasn’t stopped her from keeping tabs on the hit reality TV shows — and she’s not loving what she’s seeing: Fox News: Do you think participating in ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ influenced the way you dated afterwards?Fedotowsky: Yes, because the one thing I learned from the shows is that you need to trust your gut.

Fedotowsky: I think it’s because Nick was the one known for sleeping with some of the girls. And in Silicon Valley, intelligence is way valued over physical appearance.Oh and the decorated eggs are absolutely GORGEOUS!! If the person is making life harder for you, then they’re definitely not the one for you. star got engaged to Manno, a radio and television host, in September.While focusing on what could still work in the relationship, you most likely ignored what working.Following your break-up you’ll realize why this person wasn’t truly meant to be and that there was a reason the relationship didn’t work.

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