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Such photocopied pages -- supplied by another librarian at the Recorded Sound Research Center -- contained the basic, 'skeletal' documentation on which I originally built the work that evolved into this page.(As might be surmised, the contents of the photocopied material was circumscribed to each episode's songtitles, bandleader’s name, and numerical cataloguing.) Furthermore, through an appointment kindly set up by Torresen, he and I had the pleasure of spending a few hours at LOC listening to some episodes from The Peggy Lee Show, as they have been preserved in the institution's tape library.I have placed such general details right after the discussion of the series' last scheduled time broadcasts (October 28 and 30, 1952).Two indexes can be found near the bottom of this page.Rather than a selection of tracks, both issues actually feature full episodes as they were heard in their re-aired, edited versions on the American Forces Radio (AFR) network.Furthermore, the first issue adds a full episode of an earlier show, The Summer Electric Hour With Peggy Lee And Woody Herman (1947), while the second issue (shown in its three main incarnations) adds a full episode of the 1951 Peggy Lee Rexall Show.This page of The Peggy Lee Bio-Discography focuses on a CBS program formally known as Club 88 Starring Peggy Lee.

(This conclusion of mine is based on an ample yet by no means exhaustive sample of episodes.) This pattern of close re-transmission seems to have become far looser, however, when AFRS dealt with CBS episodes from the mid- and late period (i.e., episodes broadcasted from Los Angeles).

During that period, a total of 84 episodes were aired, and the show was pre-empted on five occasions.

(Had those dates not been pre-empted, Club 88 could have neatly reached an 88-episode total.)Location New York Versus Los Angeles.

As for the original CBS broadcasts (1952), there are no equivalent files for them, unfortunately.

Worse yet, only about a third of the CBS broadcasts is known to be extant.

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