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You're always wondering if Louie’s going to see what's in front of him. Over the course of the two episodes the character changes a lot, as we learn more about her. And she goes, ' Yeah, I'll go along, I'll be your projection,' you know? I think she likes him but I also think she really wants to help him. These people you meet in the city that have come from so many places, to reinvent themselves, to reinvent the moment, to change, to transform situations, she’s that. The person you meet on the street that you think is someone and it's someone else. It can be read as like she's someone who desperately needs to have a drink or not. And that’s what people are missing in what they watch; a lot of television lacks who people are, right? " It’s almost like we're not used to watching this kind of thing, right?

I think crazy people are fascinating because they think they are always right.

Yet bar the odd film – Scream 3 or Superman Returns – Posey never really broke onto the Hollywood A-list.

In her eyes, it’s all to do with the agency who represents you. I’m now with a medium-sized agency who I hope will have a better eye and ear out.” She’s currently filming The Brits are Coming – an LA jewel-theft story with Pulp Fiction alumni Tim Roth and Uma Thurman.

We get to shop for their clothes, choose their history.

I knew that Libby’s father was in jail and she now lives with her aunt and works at a Dairy Queen.

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