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She's not happy to be away from her friends during her school's summer break, but her education doesn't stop at the classroom door. I move between first person perspectives for Addison and her Uncle Henry quite frequently.

I do this so each character can tell the story from their point of view. Chapter One At twelve years old, Addison's life was crazy.

I wasn't wearing a bra under my camisole and I'm sure there were a couple of bumps showing as I felt my nipples rubbing against the cotton.

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The author does not necessarily condone nor endorse any of the activities described in this story.

But Maggie seemed a little young for Uncle Henry; I knew he was much older than Mom, I think she said he was sixty five. " "Okay Addy, anything for my little niece." "I'm not little anymore, I'm almost thirteen and almost five foot," I said, as I took my denim jacket off.

"What did Brenda say about you dropping her and dating her daughter? I'm sure the wheels'll fall off if she ever found out. Might find me another filly to join my stable." "Uncle Henry, you're too much." As we pulled into his driveway, he hit the brakes; they squealed in protest as he brought the old truck to a stop. I noticed that Uncle Henry was looking at my breasts.

His gaze was furtive, and I didn't know why he was looking at me that way, he'd never looked at me like that a year ago that I could remember.

"No you're not Addy, you're growin' up fast." I took my backpack to the solitary guest bedroom and unpacked.

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